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Warranty Information

Remanufactured Engines 

The engine will be completely disassembled at which time all the components will be inspected per Dutch Enterprises, Inc. re-use guidelines and the engine manufacture’s guidelines.  Any part that does not pass re-use guidelines will be replaced.  The cylinder blocks are sent out to the machine shop where they are bored, re-sleeved, and hot-tank cleaned.   The cylinder heads, rings, bearings, injectors, 0-rings, and gaskets will be replaced.  The after cooler, oil cooler, gear oil cooler and heat exchange bundle will be cleaned and inspected.  The engine will be reassembled, test run, primed, and painted.  The warranty will be 6 months from installation date and includes parts only.  Dutch Enterprises, Inc. must be notified before any warranty work is done.

6 Month Warranty Provisions 

    1. Must have all alarms working and operational which include: low water, high water temp, and low oil pressure alarms.
    2. Must have an oil and filter change within the first 15-20 hours.  Rotella 15-40 & then 50 hours & then every 200 hours.
    3. Maintenance records must be provided to Dutch Enterprises, Inc.  to be eligible for a warranty claim.
    4. Warranty does not cover oil starvation or overheat.
    5. Warranty does not cover progressive damage. (Progressive damage to be determined by Dutch Enterprises, Inc.) 

If a defect in material or workmanship is found during the warranty period, Dutch Enterprises, Inc. will, during normal working hours and at a place that is approved by Dutch Enterprises, Inc.:

    1. Provide (at Dutch Enterprises, Inc.’s choice) new, remanufactured, or Dutch Enterprises, Inc. approved repaired parts or assembled components needed to correct the defect, including all engine parts damaged as a result of defect.            
      * Note: Items replaced under this warranty become the property of Dutch Enterprises, Inc.
    2. Replace lubricating oil, filters, antifreeze, and other service items made unusable by the defect. 

The User Is Responsible For: 

    1. Parts shipping charges in excess of those which are usual and customary. (at Dutch Enterprises, Inc.’s discretion).
    2. Giving timely notice of a warranty failure and promptly making the product available for repair.
    3. The cost of repairs made to items other than the engine in which the parts or assembled components were installed.

Dutch Enterprises, Inc.
Is Not Responsible For Failures Resulting From:

    1. Oil starvation or overheating.
    2. Any use or installation which Dutch Enterprises, Inc. judges improper.
    3. Attachments, accessory items, and parts not sold or approved by Dutch Enterprises, Inc.
    4. Abuse, neglect, and / or improper repair, including installation or parts and assembled components in contaminated systems.
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