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Explanation of Services 

Remanufacture Services

Reman / Dyno Tested / Break-In

  • Total disassembly of engine, valve job with new springs, valves & seals, valve guides.
  • Boil out block and check line bore. Repair included.
  • Check crank and cam for trueness. Polish
  • Replace pistons, rings, cylinder sleeves, all rods, mains, thrusts, cam bearings, oilers, and injectors.
  • Fuel pump checked, calibrated, and resealed.
  • Rebuild turbo and raw water pump.
  • Heat exchanger tested and resealed.
  • Check after cooler and Reseal
  • New hoses, fuel lines, oil lines, oil and fuel filters, gaskets, freeze plugs, and o-ring seals.
  • Replace front and rear crank seals. 

Note: If block, crank, head, or cam needs to be replaced, this is extra.

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